Monday, February 11, 2013

Candy News Bulletin

We interrupt our programming to bring you this special report on seasonal Dots.

As regular Typing Monkey readers know, Ghost Dots, and other Halloween variants of the Tootsie Roll Industries' excellent gumdrop, are a big deal at TMI headquarters.

So imagine our surprise when we discovered, while shopping at a Grocery Outlet this past weekend, Christmas Dots. Unsurprisingly, the holiday that won't shut up from Labor Day through New Year's Day, inspired just one holiday-themed Dot from Tootsie.

We are happy to report they're delicious.

Christmas Dots are cherry or lime, each capped with an opaque cap of vanilla, as if a tasty snow has dusted candy land. The cherry dominates the vanilla, giving a wallop of chemical fruitiness smoothed only a little by the creamy chaser. The lime fares better by tasting a little more balanced between "green" flavor and vanilla.

Yes, we realize that at the time of this posting, Valentine's Day is three days away. Tootsie Roll Industries has that covered.

But when a giant bag of fun-sized boxes of Christmas Dots costs just $1.49, you think we're going to pass that up? It's for science.

Look for 'em next year (or on clearance right now ... ahem) and if you can find the fun-size bag, as we did, know that the back of each box has a handy "to & from" tag, and for those with far too much time  on their hands, the boxes can be turned into ornaments.