Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Put Some Clothes On

A recent rekindled romance with the Friends of Hell album by NWOBHM stalwarts Witchfinder General [not to be confused with the film, which is excellent -- ed.] inspired a search for merchandise so that we could feel superior while wearing it around the office and then explain to the uninitiated about the band.

Lucky us, we landed at Grumpy Clothing. Aside from being the official source for Witchfinder General t-shirts, the Canadian retailer also offers dozens of tees with art both clever and high-quality. Go now and check it out, surely you'll find something for yourself or a friend. Stimulate the global economy and then wear it with pride.

[Image courtesy of Grumpy Clothing, copyright 2009]

And though you didn't ask, the Witchfinder General tee looks fantastic. You must wear something, no?