Thursday, January 30, 2014

24 Frames Per Second

"Film and digital are different mediums; they make different cinema and different art. They have their own unique disciplines, image structures and visual qualities. Their co-existence is essential to keep diversity and richness in our moving image vocabulary. The ascendance of one does not have to mean the capitulation of the other, unless we allow this to happen."

This quotation is from Guillermo Navarro ASC, A.M.C., whose new organization is working to get film, the traditional media of the cinema, UNESCO status so that it can be preserved and continue to thrive as a medium.

His request is pretty simple and his logic is airtight. A growing binary attitude infects our thinking about media in the digital age. If it's not zeroes and ones, it should go away. But we didn't kill all the horses when cars became the more common mode of transportation in the Western world. We didn't take a photograph of the Mona Lisa and burn the painting when cameras emerged.

The world is not black and white, and our media choices should reflect that. Film deserves our efforts to keep it alive. We signed the petition, and wouldn't ask you to do the same if we didn't think it mattered. All that was required was an e-mail confirmation.