Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everybody In His Own Bag

What's the lifespan of the average vanity blog? At what point to those involved get bored, distracted or otherwise pull away? Jan 21, 2013 was The Typing Monkey's 5th anniversary.

We were greeted that morning by a note left on the door of S.L. Kreighton's office. He'd decided to buy back his typewriter from the pawn shop, purchase a case of Barbados rum, and rent an a-frame cabin on the Olympic Peninsula so he could write his memoirs.

So we're left aboard the ship without a captain. Typing Monkey Int'l, the eastern syndicate that owns Typing Monkey Industries, and by extension, this publication, alerted the staff that funding will stop and that they're leasing our offices in February.

Kris, the janitor, has agreed to take over the site, but says he's not sure how often he'll be posting new content. We all had a laugh at the notion of "content" given the past year or so has seen The Typing Monkey become a repository for cool things the staff found around the Web before knocking off early to hit the bar.

We have a few more "Notable Illusionists of History" to share with you, and will probably have other things to say before things slow down. And of course, if the janitor feels the spark of inspiration, there may be more to come. Regardless, we all have him on speed dial, should any of us need to publish some writing we think is Monkey appropriate.

Otherwise, we think you'll enjoy this live recording of Sammy Davis Jr. and Buddy Rich in Las Vegas performing "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone" from the LP The Sounds of '66:

[courtesy of Milton Page]

If Sammy's sock-o delivery and gospel asides don't move you, Leon Redbone does a great rendition that sounds like a nearly empty bottle of champagne in the morning-after sunlight, if bottles of bubbly could sing.