Friday, March 16, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

Wanna watch the first four minutes of the "Nazis fled Earth after WWII and settled on the dark side of the Moon and are launching an invasion of Earth in 2018" movie Iron Sky?

Yes you do:

The film began production in 2006, and much of the funding was done via the new-ish business model for filmmakers: seeking financing via the Web.

As a result of that long, open-source-type production, they've had time to alter the script to include a character clearly meant to be Sarah Palin. No, she's not one of the invading Moon SS, she's the U.S. president. It's an obvious/dated joke made fresh by the lunar lander banner reading "Yes She Can!"

Will Iron Sky make Palin a cinematic heroine? Or will space Nazis win? I bet the screenwriters wish they had time to include Newt Gingrich, who Palin endorses.

Enough. It's a black comedy involving helium-3 mines, space-traveling zeppelins, and creepy Aryan youth barking "We come in peace!" Iron Sky even has Udo Kier. How can this not be excellent, even if it's terrible?

See the theatrical trailer here.

[Thanks again to Bleeding Cool.]