Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monkey Love: Science Monster

One of the first Websites we linked to after the launch of The Typing Monkey was the magnificent Science Monster.

As Ray Bolger sang in the Scotch Buy jingle:  "'Tain't fancy but it sure is good."

If you go to the site it seems so low-tech, positively Unix. That's because chief Monster Scientist, Mark Assaf, didn't waste time making a site that's fun to look at. He focused his effort on filling Science Monster with links to download-ready public domain movies, old radio shows and even some music.

Need to watch the 1958 black and white goof Teenage Zombies right now? Done, son.  [It's a "horror" film so tame it plays as if it was funded by the Lutheran Church. -- ed.] And yes, Assaf is selling a fair bit of his catalog too -- 16 mm prints if you're into that sort of thing.

Assaf says his download content, the films especially, are ideal for those bored days at work when there's little else to do but watch a rickety old monster movie compressed and digitized to fit on either a portable device or a small video window on your PC. Don't get fired on our account.

Thank Science Monster, not us. He's doing the Lord's work.