Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Snaps!

Food writing may be the most elusive of all critical skills in the world of journalism. Which is one of the primary reasons we rarely talk about edible goods here. But The Typing Monkey understands the value (and power) of a good snack and must share certain discoveries with our audience.

Today we encourage you to seek out Loucks Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps, for they are delicious.

The Polish company's "plain" Sesame Snaps are perfectly yummy in their own way, and easy to come by. The basic Sesame Snap is a little wafer of toasted sesame seeds held together by sugar. They are simple and addictive.

For some odd reason the plain variety are usually stocked with the Asian foods in the grocery store, though a few shops have it right by putting them with the candy. Which is where you might take a moment to see if the store carries the harder-to-find Dark Chocolate variety.

As astute readers may have deduced, the Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps employ dairy-free chocolate to enhance the snackery magic. The wafers are not coated or covered in chocolate. Oh no, friends. The chocolate appears as three diagonal stripes, as elegant as if they had evolved onto this exotic creature.

If you can't find Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps locally, the Web indicates that they can be purchased and shipped to just about anywhere you might ship such things. Enjoy.