Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Footnote, Perhaps

Playing Farrah Fawcett to Don Cornelius' Michael Jackson, singer Leslie Carter died Jan 31, 2012. Carter was 25, and the sister of more famous singing brothers Nick (of Backstreet Boys) and Aaron.

The Typing Monkey generally avoids reality television, especially those centered around former celebrities grasping at thin threads of attention. So we barely noticed the short lived House of Carters from 2006, though the few minutes we chanced upon made us sad and ashamed -- more for her brothers than Leslie herself, who seemed uncomfortable with the very idea.

We rooted for Leslie Carter to rise above it and get out from under her brothers' shadows, primarily because her 2001 single "Like Wow!" is such a fine piece of bubblegum pop. If Wikipedia is to be believed, Ms. Carter attempted to relaunch herself based on more mature rock-oriented music as the leader of a band called The  Other Half. She even got married and had a baby in 2011.

The cause of her death is unreported at the time of this post. If "Like Wow!" is all she left to the world of pop music, so be it. We'll take it.