Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Monkey Love

Out with the old, in with the new. Our Monkey Love list has changed, but only a little bit. Same love, a few new objects of affection.

New Monkey Love

"White Center's Finest Tijuana Brass Tribute Band!"

Dr. F. Beldinstein left Seattle in August. It took him five months to start this new blog. That's not a criticism. Cutting a new path takes time, and as the title says, he walks on the outside. It's best just to follow.

SteveMandich.com aggregates the numerous projects masterminded by the Seattle-based writer and appreciator of things. As a longtime associate of The Typing Monkey, we apologize to him  for taking so long to add his work to the Monkey Love list. (His sites will also act as The Typing Monkey's unofficial sports page.)


Old Monkey Love

With their debut album We Wish You Well on Your Way to Hell finally available to the consuming public, this mission is complete. Do turn an ear toward the glistening chamber pop of these Michigan residents.

To all the Girls we've loved before ... Das Thomas you retain your spot in our hearts.

With the launch of I Walk On the Outside comes the close of this document of Dr. B's time in Seattle. It's still worth rooting around in though, because there's plenty of nutrition there.


A post-script: Longtime target of The Typing Monkey's love, The End Times, no longer exist as a band in the traditional sense, but their LP (and that's 12 inches of vinyl) is nearly here. Participate please.