Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Is a Thing

After some of the laziest research ever conducted at The Typing Monkey offices, it turns out The Hollywood Cookie Diet exists. 

Snake oil aspects aside, the very idea of trying to marry cookies (indulgent, fat- and sugar-filled delights that are, like all pleasurable things, meant to be enjoyed in moderation) to losing weight (because the first thing we think of when we think "weight loss" is a hearty stack of Lorna Doones) makes perfect sense as long as you staple the word "Hollywood" to it.

However, for the past couple years, The Hollywood Cookie Diet people have been using Santa Claus for evil. How this slipped past us until just now is a mystery we wish we hadn't stumbled upon.


And in regard to that half-assed research mentioned above, The Typing Monkey isn't alone in just discovering this mildly upsetting commercial. 

Media critics have noted for the past year that because television advertising is cheaper than it's been in years, we're seeing more as-seen-on-TV type products during the more expensive daytime and evening broadcast hours. Eleven seconds must be dirt cheap -- have anything you want to advertise?