Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Old Monkey Love

Change is healthy. The natural world modifies, adjusts and amends frequently and we must emulate that fluidity in order to keep things interesting. So with the symbolic end of summer -- Labor Day has passed, school resumes, and the first tentative signs of autumn appear -- we bid farewell to a few items on the "Monkey Love" links list.

Daily Monster
Stefan G. Bucher's fun art project continues by splintering off beyond the original plan: A monster a day, created, documented and posted for your viewing pleasure. It's now a book with a DVD you can order on Amazon. Mission accomplished, sir.

The End Times*
Disassembled by Dr. F. Beldinstein, the "doom folk" trio has a posthumous LP in the works, recorded before the good doctor brought it down. Singer Abigail Anderson makes music on her own. Slide-guitarist Tyson Lynn documents many aspects of his life on various social networks. If you missed them, get the recording when it's available.

Friday Night Frights
Who thought this was a good idea?

*Note, The Typing Monkey generally removes bands from the "Monkey Love" section if the band breaks up. So why do we keep a connection to The Blacktree Singers, a one-off project never intended to last? Because their music is the sound your heart makes in spring.