Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Monkey Love

The Girls
So you like early Devo, The Cars and too many spastic British pub/punk bands to list? This quintet does a fine job of recreating and recasting that sound for modern audiences. Novelty sunglasses encouraged, but not required.

Ill Roots
We don't pretend to be anywhere near the frontier of hip-hop, and you shouldn't either. However, this blog offers a selection of downloadable singles, mixtapes and remixes diverse enough to suit just about any taste within the realm of the DJ/MC style, and does so with a fair amount of framing so that you know what you're in for.

For example, here is a funny bit of text regarding the music of rough-looking rapper MegaSean: "If you're currently picking dandelions in fluorescent skinny jeans and humming show tunes then I wouldn’t advise you to download any of this. For everyone else please proceed to give your eardrums a taste ..." Right below this was a post hailing "Pursuit of Happiness" -- Kid Cudi's new single featuring MGMT & Ratatat.

Ox Rooster Little Tiger
Ever been to Taiwan? Typing Monkey associates Monsieur Goman and Bri went for you and have been there since August '09. Catch up with the overseas adventure of this adorable, morally upstanding duo.

Beware, There's A Crosseyed Cyclops In My Basement!!!
We blabbed about this site previously, and have decided to add it to our love list. Downloadable comic books to suit just about any taste, updated with dizzying frequency.

Just For the Hell of It
Looking for rare and out-of-print DVDs of the B-grade, Z-grade, horror and exploitation variety? Look here first. They even have a YouTube channel where you can get a temporary fix with select scenes from various features. Shadowman -- yes! (J4HI YouTube clips not always SFW.)

Secret Fun Spot
Lots of Websites post pictures, reviews and rememberies of pop culture ephemera from the recent and distant past. Few are as classy or well-designed as this. You will waste much time here. Don't believe us? Two words: bike decals.