Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reader Mail

I've noticed you are posting a lot of video files lately. This isn't going to become one of those blogs filled with YouTube and Vimeo clips, is it? I mean, the video stuff is cool but I guess what I'm trying to ask is this: Is everything okay?

Bryant Dietzman
Eugene, OR

Thanks for reading The Typing Monkey Bryant. We're fine. Our editorial staff has no plan to convert to a video-only format. Why would we when other sites, such as Frenzy of the Visible, do that so well already? What you're noticing is most likely due to the effort of our managing editor, Claudette.

She's French and has difficulty understanding the fact that American workers don't take the month of August off, as is common in her homeland. As a result, she enforces strict use of vacation time and urges our writers and editors to take as many days off as possible during summer months. This translates into fewer posts of our high-standard criticism, cultural obsessions, aimless rants and wild speculation.

TMI staffers are gradually returning and beginning to sober up, so expect new and thrilling content in the near future.


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