Monday, August 24, 2009

One More ...

And then we'll stop. Serious. We can quit any time. But this Lambert, Hendricks & Ross clip from Playboy's Penthouse is too good not to share.

Jon Hendricks and Dave Lambert sit this one out, letting Annie Ross show off. (Though they do respond to a few of her lines.) Count Basie, suave as always, and his rhythm section back her up. For an added bonus, at the 1:19 mark, Tony Bennett smiles and the angels sing. How many jazz cigarettes has he had before the cameras rolled?

Annie Ross (of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross)

[Courtesy voxpopulai]

For additional fun with the amazing vocalese trio, dig this other voxpopulai-provided clip from the same outing, with the trio at full power. Watch Dave Lambert's confident, comic entrance as he "well, er-um-ahs" his way into a solo.