Friday, January 23, 2009

More Monkey Love

We've made some changes to the "Monkey Love" section of The Typing Monkey. We bumped the following from the list of links:

Quiet Shoes -- Because we're not convinced that movie will ever see the dark of an auditorium.

Data Junkie -- No, you don't understand. The Typing Monkey LOVES Data Junkie, but no new stuff there since October. If he starts posting art again, he'll be back in our loving arms post haste.

Resonance -- It's still too soon to talk about this. But it's been a year and this is part of the healing process.

[Take a moment ... compose yourselves.]

Now let us draw your attention to some new sites in the "Monkey Love" section:

Monster Brains -- We already hyped this site as part of the Halloween spaz attack. And every week there's more to feast on there. Medieval etchings, Renaissance paintings, 18th century pen and ink, and modern renditions of all the horrible things that lurk under the bed at night.

The Ace Doubles (and Singles): Images Library -- There will be a lengthier discussion of this site because it deserves lengthier discussion.

More "Getting Instrumental" and other music reviews coming.