Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We could waste time defending the notion that DJs -- specifically those nimble-fingered men and women called "turntablists" -- can be considered musicans, and that a couple record players and a cross-fader are the instruments these people use to create new music from existing works.

It's clear where The Typing Monkey stands. Few, if any, who remain skeptical will change their minds. But perhaps DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist might convince with their third collaborative project, The Hard Sell.

Two DJs. Eight turntables. Four mixing decks. One echo box. Two looping pedals. And the source material comes entirely from 7" 45 rpm singles. No computers, digital editing, or pre-programming.

If you are reading this before July 27, 2008 and live on the West Coast, you have a few chances to catch the show.

If you've missed it, there's a DVD, a CD and for super geeks, a toy robot. Yes, a robot.

Here's the instructional video that starts off every performance of The Hard Sell. Dig it: