Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a Free Concert From Now On

[Full disclosure: The Typing Monkey is related to all four members of Girl Trouble, by blood and by common-law precedent set by the number of times the entire Typing Monkey staff has seen the band -- which is more than we can count.]

SubPop, the label founded on grunge and currently living well on indie-pop and indie-comedians, is celebrating 20 years in business by having a festival in Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA on July 12 and 13. Somehow, the invitation sent to Tacoma, WA band Girl Trouble -- whose Hit It or Quit was the first LP SubPop released -- got lost in the mail. [Wink-wink.]

So Girl Trouble has decided to do the only decent thing -- go to Marymoor Park and play the entirety of Hit It or Quit It acoustically, for free, outside the SubPop fooferah.

Here’s the press release:


As you may know, the first Girl Trouble album, Hit It or Quit It, was released on K/SubPop in 1988. In fact, this was the first full-length record SubPop ever released. The record matrix number was K/SP-20.

This month SubPop is hosting a huge, two-day concert of SubPop bands in Marymoor Park on July 12/13 to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. It’s billed as the SP-20 event, one letter off from the old Hit It or Quit It matrix number. Coincidence? You be the judge. Of course, Girl Trouble awaited the invitation to join their old friends and label-mates on stage for this most festive occasion.

Unfortunately. the band now suspects that a mistake has been made. They have yet to be contacted by their old label! With only weeks to spare it was obvious there was some sort of unintentional oversight by SubPop.

Girl Trouble has never been a band to let a small detail like not being invited deter them from joining in on any celebration. That’s why they have decided to bring some instruments and play the show anyway, somewhere in Marymoor Park, as close to the venue as they can legally get. This will be the first all-acoustic Girl Trouble show, playing selections from their SubPop album, Hit It or Quit It, in order.

Feel free to look for Girl Trouble somewhere in the park (possibly by some picnic tables or a tree) starting at noon, where they promise to entertain anybody who happens by. Unlike the $30 ticket price for the bands inside the Marymoor Park venue - there will be no charge for this one-day-only performance. Please join us on Saturday, July 12 for this special event. Don’t forget your picnic lunch, blanket and sun screen. Complimentary bag of chips to the first 40 K/SP-20 attendees. Hope to see you there!


To SubPop's credit, they've posted the band's press release on their site. But, really, SubPop?