Friday, April 5, 2013

Weird Tales, Amazing Art: Boris Dolgov

Monsterbrains fills your screen with many great works of the fantastic and profane, the kind of art you'd paper your bedroom with if your mom wasn't such wet blanket about it.

A recent, lengthy gallery on the blog highlighted the art and illustration Boris Dolgov did for Weird Tales magazine in the 1940s.

Those colors! The soft, almost chalk-like texture of the art! What strange fate awaits that diver who's stumbled into a sea-bottom realm of green-skinned humanoids?

A casual search of the Web turned up zero biographical information on Dolgov, with just one claim that he "lived in New York" -- which isn't groundbreaking given his profession and the era.

But one thing made clear, at least by the collection curated by Monsterbrains: Mr. Dolgov had a real knack for tableaus of encroaching evil that recall European art of the Middle Ages:

Zoinks! Go pollute your ocular sockets now with Dolgov's work.