Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Thiel Knows Snow in Seattle

The Typing Monkey offices in Seattle are still running, but only because we're able to walk from the cot in the basement to the 23rd floor and check our inbox.

In case the news in your area doesn't care -- and why should it? -- the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest got snow and lots of it. Not Midwest snow, but enough. And then freezing rain. And then more snow. And the hills here make it virtually impossible to navigate by car or public transit.

Yet an L.A. Times reporter, Kim Murphy, ostensibly living in Seattle, since she's the paper's Northwest beat reporter, wrote a flip piece for her paper about Seattle being wimps in snow.

We wanted to write a terse yet elegant response. Then local sports writer Art Thiel beat us to it. The man elevates sports writing into art and can make even bored "eh, sports, whatever" types pay attention to baseball statistics. So we were delighted to read his response to Ms. Murphy's ill-informed and frankly, stupid piece fluff. Fluff which seems designed to do nothing more than increase page views.

Art Thiel says: Shut The Hell Up.