Friday, February 25, 2011

Written In Blood

Perhaps there's a collective case of cabin fever settling over North America and we're all subconsciously gravitating toward entertainments depicting unseemly things. We were going to post a link to Monster Brains' wholly satisfying gallery of Bernard Baily Terror Tales covers.

... and so we did. While drooling all over these insane pics, we received an electronic mail from longtime Typing Monkey associate Mr. Monko, who is Facebook friends with legendary artist/graphic designer Art Chantry. Chantry (as well as A. Monko) knows good design when he sees it. Unsurprisingly, Chantry has a fondness for pre-code horror comics:

"[T]here were dozens of manufacturers cranking out this stuff by the truckloads ... just the titles alone are worth listing here. Here's a very incomplete list of comic book titles to just give you a taste of what this turf was like: The Beyond, Dark Mysteries, The Unseen ..."

Chantry goes on to list at least two dozen more titles and even though he doesn't land on Terror Tales, chances are he owns a few issues. Since The Typing Monkey does not belong to the social experiment network Facebook, we are grateful to Mr. Monko for sending us Chantry's words. Go friend Chantry yourself and see what he has to say.