Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reader Mail

Hi Sweetie,
I found it funny that in "Death and the the Mouse" you started the second paragraph with "that's all there is to say about that," but went on to post two updates to the story.

Clearly that wasn't all there was to say about that.


The Amazing Mrs. Kendall

Dear The Amazing Mrs. Kendall
Yes, you're right. Is that what you want to hear?!

Hello Typing Monkey,
I'm still reading this stuff, but you should probably write something interesting instead of just posting a bunch of links to news stories and YouTube. Wasn't the whole point of this site to talk about music or something? I'm bored and may have to seek other free content on the Web. Did you fire the good writers?
Looking Out for You

Dear LOfY,
Ouch. However brusque, your comments have caused us to pause and reflect on what The Typing Monkey has been, is and could be. [It also caused us to have several staff meetings and a serious round of negotiations with the board of trustees.] And you're right, we should be posting pointless cultural theories, comparison/contrast essays that speak only to those who share our interests, and fake letters to the editor.

So stay tuned for actual content. But in the meantime, we're going to leave you with something created by others that is meant to be enjoyed as purely as entertainment can be. Sit back and relax. There's more to come. Thank you for reading.