Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Movie Time!

Even Chuck Jones admits he learned the art of the cartoon gag from Tex Avery. "The Legend of Rockabye Point" was nominated for an Oscar in 1956 and is a fine example of Avery's skill with the medium. The story is one part urban legend, nine parts lunacy, and relentlessly funny.

Gather the kids:

[Courtesy Geancarlo1980]

Bonus fun facts: Chilly Willy and the polar bear are voiced by Daws Butler, who lent his pipes to the majority of cartoon characters for Hanna-Barbera, including Yogi Bear and Snagglepuss. Dal McKennon portrays The Skipper. McKinnon's less well known, but no less acomplished -- he voiced, among others, Archie Andrews and Wally Walrus. (And liked alliteration?)