Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reader Mail

Associates, friends and staff members of The Typing Monkey have often asked our publisher, S.L. Kreighton, why this site doesn't allow comments. His answer involves more media theory than anyone cares to listen to, so we'll sum it up thusly:

He thinks comments are stupid.

Based on research we believe he's conducted -- or at least paid someone to conduct, the report is bound with a spine as thick as the North Platte, Nebraska phone book, so let's not pretend we read it -- Kreighton says that even the most noble sites on the Web have comments sections that eventually devolve into lowest common denominator dialogue. Therefore, it adds nothing to the content presented, and in the worst cases, actually devalues it. And we gradually came around to agree with him that there's no reason to further prove Godwin's Law.

So when Typing Monkey Industries (a division of Typing Monkey Int'l) launched The Typing Monkey, Kreighton convinced the board of directors that the very idea of Web 2.0 is absurd and that he'd walk away if they enabled comments on this blog. [We realize the irony here, and have chosen to ignore it. -- ed.] When pressed about the fact that he's heading up the editorial team for a blog, our publisher smiles and mumbles about "web 1.5" before chasing us out of his office.

With that in mind, we were delighted to receive reader mail:

Dear Typing Monkeys,
I found your little weblog, and read a few posts. But when I scrolled to the bottom of the page to add my comments, you don't have that feature. What gives? I had to find your corporate headquarters and send you an actual letter. A letter! Who does that anymore? Also, you should have a pets column.

J. Prescott
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for reading, J., and we hope the explanation above makes clear our policy on comments. However, your hissy fit has prompted us to offer an alternative to paper, stamps, difficult web searches for our P.O. Box, and icky, icky envelope glue.

Have a comment, question, recipe or vehement disagreement with one of our reviews? Send an e-mail to and we'll do our best to respond. We may even post some of your mail on the site.