Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Following

The AV Club, an offshoot of The Onion, does a good job of covering arts and entertainment. Most of the content walks a solid line between unapologetic fandom and distanced criticism.

As part of the site's ongoing "Cult Canon" series on film, the AVC writers are tackling animation during April, 2009. The first entry is The Iron Giant, and Scott Tobias gets it right. His piece, essentially a love-letter to a poorly marketed film that fell under the rug of public attention in 1999, is worth a read.

Before we link to his article, please enjoy the promotional poster from the film below, and also understand this: The Iron Giant should make you cry. We say should because if you get to the end of the film -- one of the only movies worth your tears -- and you don't at least have a lump in your throat, then we can't help you. Seriously, there's something wrong with you.

Now then, here's the poster:

And here's the link.