Friday, March 13, 2009

Eluding Fame Since 1984

A happy 25th anniversary to Girl Trouble, who've been bringing South Tacoma pride to audiences around the world the only way they know how: with hip-shaking beats, partial nudity and prizes for those who aren't so drunk that they can't catch a plastic toy hurled at them from the stage.

Tacoma is like the difficult girlfriend in a French new wave film -- she's alternately cold and distant or warm and flirty, beautiful in the right light, and sometimes she kind of smells funny. Oh, and the smoking. Who could convey her particular charms better than Girl Trouble? The video's not embeddable, so here's a link to "My Hometown."

And at no extra charge (and also because a YouTube link is easier than posting an MP3) here's a dull video of a spectacular song. I bet you thought The Banana Splits couldn't be any sexier. Well, you were wrong.

["My Hometown" courtesy Kathy C. Fennessy/BVMGrungeTV; "Gonna Find a Cave" courtesy dennisvanlith.]